December 22, 2023

Ezihealth Clinical CRM release: Enhancing person-centred care & compliance in Australia

We are excited to finally introduce our evolution in our Ezihealth Clinical CRM system, designed in partnership with industry to meet and exceed the unique requirements of Australian healthcare providers. This modern CRM is built to uphold Australian compliance standards, ensuring providers meet and exceed expectations within the regulatory framework now and coming. Our focus on person-centred care outcomes is at the heart of this release, recognising the crucial need for high-quality care that is responsive and respectful to individual care needs.

Our CRM has focused on customisation and flexibility in this era of mobile workforces and heightened data privacy concerns to support the changes required for group and site based management. Updates are on the way to supporting mobile teams, enabling them to deliver exceptional care anytime, anywhere, while rigorously safeguarding client & patient privacy.

In-Home and Clinical Care Assessment and Planning
  • Your Ezihealth CRM introduces an integrated assessment and planning tool for in-home and clinical care.
  • Features an auditable progress reporting mechanism, streamlining the documentation and tracking of person-centred care and clinical governance.
  • Tailored for use by non-clinical staff, ensuring ease of use across different levels of technical proficiency and processes.
Customised Reporting
  • Offering flexible reporting capabilities covering pre-sales, customer communication, and auditing. Talk to us about others.
  • Enable providers to generate reports quickly and efficiently, built to your specific needs and reporting frameworks.
Compliance with Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Our CRM is built with a deep understanding of the Aged Care Quality Standards.
  • Assists providers in meeting and excelling in these standards through robust and intuitive features.
Alignment with Government’s Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy
  • Directly aligned to support the strategic priorities outlined in the Government’s coming Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy.
  • Ensures that providers using our CRM are at the forefront of digital innovation and strategic compliance in aged care, homecare and NDIS legislation.
Comprehensive Management of Communications and Tasks
  • Facilitates internal and external communications management, extending beyond client interaction to include maintenance and partner contacts.
  • Streamlines task management, improving overall efficiency and collaboration within and outside the organisation.

Our new Ezihealth Clinical CRM is more than just a software solution; it’s our first step to advancing the quality and efficiency of our tools supporting Australians. It represents a significant leap forward in our technology and product suite. Hopefully, you can see how seriously we are taking our development to support compliance and, most importantly, person-centred care through intuitive software. We invite you to experience the transformative power of our CRM in enhancing both your operational efficiency and the care you provide.