Ezihealth Platform.

Managing compliance events, communicating with clients and staff, and fulfilling other responsibilities on top of your current workloads can be challenging. Ezihealth's Solution, supports you across your critical operations with care management, rostering, Clinical CRM and clinical health compliance tools.

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Ezihealth Modules
Care Management

Eziplan Care Management software for Home Care & NDIS providers managing rostering, invoicing and billing.

Clinical Health CRM

Ezihealth is a client and staff CRM, enabling the logging of custom and clinical health markers.

Client & Family Portal

Monty is Client & Family Communication Portal to manage critical communication between clients, family and staff.

Payroll & Award Interpretation

Ezipay is Payroll Software with Award Interpretation to ensure compliance with the SCHADS award and nursing award.

Plan Management

Manage critical financial NDIS bulk uploads to Prota Planaji by Ezihealth.

Visitor Registration

Ezitime is Touchless Clock in Clock Out Hardware for on premise sites. We partner with Noahface to provide a simple and easy to use solution.

Audit Log & Reporting

Ezihealth Hub is your way to review how you manage and use the data captured through Ezihealth Solutions. Custom reporting is available.

Clinical Forms

Ezihealth provides custom form management to manage a series of variable aged care, home care and NDIS processes.

Outsourced Payroll

Review your options with managed payroll services, or compliance support.

Ezihealth Single Sign-On Hub

Ezihub is your free Hub giving you an overview of solutions in use and audit log of actions in the system.

Custom Module?

If there is a custom process or custom solution you are looking for, talk to us about a fully customised white label development.

Building better software for Aged & Home Care and NDIS Providers

As the aged care, home care, and NDIS sectors continue to evolve, there is a growing need for connected software solutions that streamline operations, ensure compliance with industry standards, and promote positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

The Ezihealh Soltuion aims to support the process of your a comprehensive clinical health compliance data management.

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