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Ezihealth provides live support and ongoing management support for the Ezihealth Software Solutions. Read on to understand what software support mean for us.

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Dedicated Support Team

Ezihealth's team of support specialists with expertise in clinical health, compliance, and the Ezihealth platform, ensuring that customers receive knowledgeable and timely help.

Multi-Channel Communication

Contact support through various channels, including phone, email, live chat, and a knowledge base, to accommodate your preferences and ensure prompt, efficient communication.

Solution Reporting

Quarterly reporting that provides solution review of issues, progress, and updates, ensuring transparency and accountability in the support process.

Ongoing Training & Education

Ongoing training sessions and workshops to help customers stay up-to-date on the latest features and best practices for using the Ezihealth platform.

Issue Detection

Issues and alert are communicated from the support team, enabling better communication across critical issues.

Continuous Improvement

Ezihealth has a commitment to regularly reviewing user feedback and incorporating it into the ongoing development and refinement of the Ezihealth solution and support model.

Building a team based around better support of clinical health compliance services.

The Ezihealth Support Model is essential to our commitment to providing exceptional clinical health solutions for the aged & home care, NDIS and the wider healthcare sector. Our focus is on supporting your solution needs with clear communication, quarterly reporting, and a dedicated support team with clinical health experience.

Our Support Model ensures that our customers receive the assistance and resources they need to maintain compliance, streamline operations, and achieve positive outcomes for all stakeholders.
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