May 5, 2023

Ezihealth Roadmap 2023

The product roadmap for Ezihealth focuses on providing positive outcomes for our customers in aged care, home care, and the NDIS. By prioritising core compliance features, integration & workflow optimisation, advanced analytics, and customer engagement, we aim to provide a development roadmap that adapts to modern healthcare requirements.
Phase 1: Integration and Workflow Optimisation

The first phase of the roadmap was Ezihub which provided an integration platform with Single Sign-on. to enhance the software’s usability by integrating it with existing systems and optimising workflows. Key improvements in this phase include:

Third-party integrations:

Connected solution to critical electronic health record systems, billing platforms, and other essential software.

Role-based access control:

Define user roles and permissions to ensure secure access to sensitive data and maintain compliance with privacy regulations.

Audit Log:

Develop and create an audit log of all connected data to enable effective data management across disparate software.

Phase 2: Ezihealth Core Compliance

The initial phase of the Ezihealth roadmap focuses on building a robust foundation of core compliance software that address the needs of aged care, home care, and NDIS providers. Key features in this phase include:

Centralised record management:

Securely store and access health data, client records, clinical data, assessments, care plans, and other essential records.

Customisable reporting:

Generate custom reports that address specific compliance requirements and enable data-driven decision-making based on critical reporting factors.

Automated alerts and reminders:

Stay on top of deadlines, tasks, and other compliance-related activities with simplified management tools.

Secure Communication Sharing:

Facilitate seamless and secure communication with optional sharing among care providers, clients, and relevant stakeholders.

Phase 3: Advanced Analytics and Insights

In the third phase, the roadmap leverages data to provide actionable insights and drive continuous improvement. Key features in this phase include:

Predictive analytics:

Utilise AI to identify potential risks and areas for improvement, enabling proactive intervention and support.

Benchmarking and performance tracking:

Compare performance against set benchmarks and track progress over time to ensure continuous improvement.

Real-time data visualisation:

Access interactive dashboards and visualisations that provide a clear overview of compliance status and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Customisable alerts and notifications:

Receive real-time alerts and warnings for critical changes in data, enabling prompt response to potential issues.

Ongoing: Customer Engagement and Support

This phase of the roadmap is continuous and ongoing, focusing on the importance of engaging and supporting customer requirements in aged care, home care, and the NDIS sector.

Key initiatives in this phase include:

Understanding the needs of clients and their families, accessing relevant information and communicating with care providers

Solution Overview:

Continuously review solution and automation requirements during workshops and solution review meetings.

Customer support:

Our support knowledge base keeps track of all feature requests.

Continuous improvement:

Regularly request feedback from customers and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and drive ongoing software development.

Ezihealth is being built to be comprehensive clinical health software designed to address the unique challenges aged care, home care, and NDIS providers face. Talk to us about empowering your team to focus on delivering quality care by streamlining operations and ensuring compliance processes are met.