October 25, 2023

What did we focus on when building the Ezihealth Clinical Health CRM?

The key focuses of our new clinical health CRM

The Ezihealth platform is meticulously engineered based on the specific CRM and clinical health data needs of Residential Aged Care, NDIS, Home Care, and Retirement Living sectors. Specifically designed around care based processes that support individuals, teams and management reporting. As we prioritize both care and data security, our platform guarantees reliable and secure data capture and management.

Integrated Communication:

Built with clinical data and processes in mind, our platform streamlines communication and data governance, offering seamless email integration along with user and group data provision settings.

Tailored CRM Processes:

Efficiently handle bespoke processes tailored to the unique demands of your team's care and support delivery.

Task Management:

Streamline and prioritise your tasks. With the Ezihealth platform, assign, monitor, and manage tasks efficiently across teams, ensuring timely and quality care delivery.

Connected Teams & Management:

Promote multi-specialist collaborations for a comprehensive care approach, enabling third-party clinicians and an extended support network to provide coordinated management for clients and individualised care appointments.

Variable Administration:

The Ezihealth platform is designed to consolidate and report on appointment details, clinical visits and notes, as well as billing and administrative reports, ensuring seamless operations.

Data Security & Insights:

Safeguard your clinical data with our cloud based or on-premise based CRM.

Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure adherence to healthcare standards and regulations. The Ezihealth platform supports the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, assisting that your processes to stay compliant at all times.

User-Friendly Interface:

For swift adoption and minimal training time, the Ezihealth platform has partnered with a cutting edge software support team to provide a simple, intuitive and customisable interface. This ensures that healthcare professionals can focus on delivering care, not navigating software.

Continuous Updates & Support:

Benefit from regular software updates driven by user feedback and industry changes. Plus, enjoy first class support included in your price for software. This includes ongoing quarterly reports and management meetings to address any concerns and ensure your business is getting the most out of the Ezihealth platform.

Training & Onboarding:

Transition smoothly with our comprehensive onboarding process. We provide training resources and sessions to ensure your team is well-equipped to use the platform efficiently.

Scalable Solutions:

As your needs grow, your platform evolves. Whether you're expanding services, increasing support hours, or integrating new technologies, Ezihealth is designed to scale with modern demands.